Can I Tell You That I’m Sorry?

(to the tune of “do you want to build a snowman”)

Can I tell you that I’m sorry?
because I really am
I never see you anymore
or text you “hey”
it’s like you’ve gone away

We used to be best buddies
and now we’re not
and I guess maybe that’s my fault

Can I tell you that I’m sorry?
because I’m really sorry

(Go away)

Okay bye

Can I tell you that I’m sorry?
I never meant to make you mad
This apology is overdue
but there’s nothing else I can really do
(so I wrote this song)

It’s getting really lonely
and I’ve been really sad I don’t know what else to do

Jonathan…please…I’m really sorry
I’ve been wondering how you’ve been
They say be patient and I’m trying to
Its been a week or two
I just hate this

I’m really really sorry and if you hate me then I guess that’s just where it ends….
but can I tell you that I’m sorry?


"Can I get a photo of just you?"

"You can have 87 billion"

and then we had a photo shoot

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I’ve always enjoyed fashion and dressing up for things, whether it’s high fashion or play fashion. - Darren Criss

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If you give a Jonathan a hello kitty ring…chances are……….he’s most likely going to wear it all day and strike gangster poses while looking at you intensely (: He’s a creeper but he’s a cool creeper and I wouldn’t have him any other way (: